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At Cam Crew Productions, we are a team of passionate event photographers, pioneers in delivering innovative event photography services in Dubai. With nearly a decade of experience in the industry, we understand that each even is special with unique context and needs. It’s our job to capture those majestic moments and everlasting memories with our images that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Our expert event photographers are able to capture the inspiring stories of the event by capturing every valuable moment worth remembering. Our team of professional event photographers comes with extensive industry experience and is known for offering exceptional content that’s worthy, engaging, and beautiful. Over the years of our experience as a corporate event photographer in Dubai, we have covered hundreds of high-profile events, including ceremonies, networking events, gala dinners, trade shows, charity events, PR events, conferences & seminars, and product launches.

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Cam Crew Production – Simplifying the Event Story Telling!

At Cam Crew Production, we are committed to simplifying the event storytelling through photography and videography services. We understand the high stakes that go with all sorts of events, thereby, we intend to make it convenient by overworking and stressed event managers to capture the real essence of the event. Our robust strategy, simple pricing structure, and well-structured objectives make it a seamless process to cover each and every worthy moment of the event.

With our nearly decade of industry experience, we completely understand the volatility that comes with all sorts of events. We understand that the venues, agendas, requirements, and locations may change at the last moment and we are ready to adapt to any changes as and when required to ensure the best results for our clients.

Cam Crew Productions – Our Corporate Event Photography Portfolio

As one of the leading Dubai event photographers, we have covered all sorts of high-profile events across Dubai and the UAE. We bring an innovative and fresh approach to cover all sorts of the event with the perfect mix of technical expertise to ensure delivering the best event photography services. Our professional event photographers and videographers know how to make the magic happen by isolating and capturing the very soul of the events and covering each and every moment worth remembering. Our team of corporate event photographers has enough experience to discreetly capture the event without getting noticed or disrupting the event, so you are able to cherish the event to the fullest.

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Types of Dubai Event Photography

School/ University Events

Charity Balls

Exhibitions, Conference

Commercial events

PR events



live events

Trade Shows

Graduation Party

Private and public party events

Gala Dinners

Award Nights

Fund Raiser events

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